Hand bound book
Printed Spine
Stamped cover 
256 pages
Edition of Twenty
June 2022

‘Index’ is a visualisation of the 411 parts of a Honda Super Cub moped. Inspired by 60s moped manuals, it is a tribute to the old and abused manuals which can be found in every enthusiasts’ garage. Many original manuals from the 60s fell apart, forcing the owner to try and re-bind their manual. ‘Index’ keeps this in mind and has three holes drilled into the margin to enable the user to rebind the book in case of any damage. Part of the project ‘You Meet The Nicest People’, a visual research into the Honda Super Cub.


After collecting the parts that make up this machine, I experimented with various different ways of synthesising this collection. It was particularly interesting to adapt these parts into typography, the result was very playful but still kept that distinctly mechanical element of the moped. Ultimately, I went for a more straight forward approach, but these experiments will definitely make their way back into my work at some point or another.